Who is Titti?

Titti Hammarling is a trained psychologist and therapist and describes herself as “passionately interested in leadership conditions”.

Since 1993, Titti has founded and been part of the management for three recruitment agencies. She grew up in an entrepreneurial and business-oriented family where a constant theme was innovation and development. She enjoys taking projects from concept to result. And she is not afraid of challenges.

The unique business concept of Hammarling Consulting is the combination of recruitment and visual arts. Parallel with the recruitment assignments, Titti Hammarling has successfully developed her artistic skills using oil painting.

“Naturally, many people are surprised to meet me as a recruitment consultant in an environment that also functions as an artist’s studio. But it is quite clear that meeting candidates in a studio environment has affected my meetings with them favorably.

Through many years of work I have had time to twist and turn the methods and processes involved in a search. That experience helps me to work easily and smoothly and to focus on results. As for my artistic side, it has made ​​me aware of patterns and nuances. Sometimes it is greatly beneficial in a recruitment assignment.”