The team

Globally we are about 350 consultants in AIMS International. In the Nordic region we are 25, while the team in Sweden consists of 5 consultants.

We strive to be in progress and to develop how we work with Executive Search over time. It´s important with flexibility to do what is best for the assignment, the client and the candidate but at the same time we value the ethics and standards of our industry.

Titti HammarlingTitti Hammarling is Managing Partner and Senior Executive Search Consultant. She is specialized in assignments on top and middle management levels and also provides Leadership Assessments.
Interview with Titti.
titti [at]

I have great interest in international leadership assignments and in how executive search needs to be developed to solve future strategic recruitment needs in a successful way.

Göran ArvidsonGöran Arvidson is Partner and Executive Search Consultant. He carries out leadership and specialist assignments in various industries. He has a specialist expertise and interest in IT / Telecom.
Interview with Göran.
goran [at]

Continuous business monitoring and great interest in new ways of communication gives us an understanding of the changing recruitment needs – essential to be able to meet the challenges of future leadership.

Börje HammarlingBörje Hammarling is responsible for Marketing and Business Development with a focus on developing the international business.
Interview with Börje.
borje.hammarling [at]

Understanding the conditions of different markets allows our team to solve critical client assignments in a fast and accurate manner.

Ronny AnderssonRonny Andersson is Senior Consultant with strategic Talent Management focusing on recruiting key positions and development of HR supporting processes.
Interview with Ronny.
ronny.andersson [at]

The digital evolution of the past 25 years has been unprecedented. The next 10 years ahead will probably explode in comparison. Intelligent machines become new colleagues, digital processes support and facilitates HR in the dialogue with line management. Brand new positions need to be created and existing ones will be strecthed with new requirements.

Elin Gustafsson

Elin Gustavsson is Executive Assistant / Office Manager.
elin.gustavsson [at]

My task is to serve clients, candidates and colleagues in the best possible way. Working in an international context makes the contacts multifaceted and sometimes surprising. I enjoy this busy and inspiring environment!