Our services

Our service is about finding the right person. The right candidate for the assignment. The right employer for the candidate. It is also about developing the key people already working in a customer company so that they can perform at their very best and enjoy their employments. 

There are many aspects to an assignment. Often, there is a concrete recruitment need or the need for a professional sounding board regarding recruitment issues. Sometimes the client wants to have a broadened decision-making documentation prior to hiring, There may be a need for enhanced analysis and knowledge assessment. Some want help with the candidate selection work. The need for Leadership Assessments asise in many different situations and development of individual leaders and management teams are crusial for the sucess of most companies.

Our specialty is professionalism at all levels, with an extra dimension when it comes to understanding people’s potential and matching this against the assignment. Cornerstones include contemporary social analysis and trend-spotting, intergenerational dialog, psychological skills, business acumen, and the sense of timing that is gained through extensive experience. And often the key to everything: an eye for an individual’s true capacity.