Ronny Andersson

Ronny andersson

Ronny Andersson

Senior Consultant


My approach is the generalist and I work with strategic Talent Management focusing on recruiting key positions and development of HR-supporting processes. I have, over the years gained great experience in supporting medium-sized international corporations. Working with a holistic view and understanding what is business critical is the best foundation for a successful implementation of recruitment and development assignments.


Ever since 1982, when I was a young officer and for the first time set my foot on the regiment, the experience of leadership and the development of operation processes has gone hand in hand with my professional life. I have been HR manager in a political party as well as project leader for a large nationwide project and which contributed to Sweden saying yes to membership in the EU referendum. I have been working as a consultant with focus on Executive Search since the mid 90’s, most of the years in an international context. Lately, the digital transformation has broadened my view of how machine intelligence and commercial platforms change organizations structurally and processual. And how this insight forces me to develop new skills.


The overall view and contexts are very important for me in order to succeed in my assignments. Understanding of the business strategy and insights about products & services way to market is key for being able to bring client value.  Mutual trust is the glue that keep our business relationship together. Clients and employees describe me as a solid project manager who deliver quality results with great responsibility. And I truly enjoy the international context.


AIMS International has, during almost 30 years, built a great knowhow about Executive Search. As a result we have developed proven and harmonized processes across all nations which will deliver quality and the right result and conesquently will benefit your company. A business of national independent partners creates stability and continuity over time. This means that AIMS consultants have a solid experience in the local market and thus an excellent partner and extended arm for us in Sweden as we support our customers


Customers and candidates and consultants are like musicians with instruments. It is an interaction based on technique and skills in order to adapt and improvise. But also adherence and mood. And responsiveness and respect. It is all about what we do – and how we do it.


The future and people interest me. I am fascinated by human history, what we do and how we relate to each other and where we are heading. Literature – from the literary works and novels, we learn a lot about people! Physical exercise and hiking. I have a strong passion for and engagement in Swedish music and publishes music from my own label.