Maria Forsmark

Maria Forsmark

Maria Forsmark

Executive search consultant

My time is devoted to Executive search and Talent Management; Recruitment of enterprise leaders and business-critical specialists and development/coaching of leaders and talents. “TO FIND&GROW YOUR LEADERS”.

Nationally and internationally, I have a decade’s experience of management and specialist recruitment in a wide range of industries. Over the past few years, I’ve as Partner actively run an occupational health enterprise in close collaboration with affiliated customers. My responsibilities have included: business and service development; advising employers/management teams on organisational and health-strategy issues; coordinating internal teams to satisfy customer needs; manager and employee coaching; and, courses/lectures on health-promoting leadership, sustainable health/lifestyles and organisational and social work environments. Working as an independent specialist, I have also given lectures to and trained managers and employees on/in sustainable lifestyles and performance maximisation. Besides a MSc in International Business Administration with a major in Strategic Management from Lund University, including management studies at ESCP in Paris, I also have qualifications in behavioural science, coaching and healthcare.

Over my years in the executive search industry, I have had a number of assignments within the AIMS International organisation. I very much appreciate the smoothly functioning collaboration between professional consultants in many countries. I see active, international collaboration as a major advantage for the companies and organisations we assist in finding and developing talents in an increasingly global context.

I have a great interest in people and human behaviour. One facet of this is what, over time, develops and drives sustainable health, performance and motivation. We all have basic talents. Yet, how we apply, develop and nurture these depends on many factors. Examples of these include: which generation we belong to; the context/work environment/leadership we work in; our courage and the challenges we accept; our inquisitiveness; and, not least, our choice of lifestyle. I’m always keen to examine the whole human picture. I believe that, in the future, professional expertise, experience and talent will be joined by sustainability when assessing candidates. In other words, candidates will have to possess sufficient personal resources and “resilience” to be able to achieve long-term maximum performance, both for themselves and the employer. This is where employers will win by being able to offer candidates an organisation in which they can develop and enjoy good health.

My passion for health and personal development means that I also like to improve myself. I keep abreast of professional literature, new research, our understanding of evolutionary forces and current social debate. The aim is to acquire new insights into not only what drives us as humans, but also into our behaviour and the factors promoting sustainable physical and mental health and performance. On several levels, I regularly take on the challenge of leaving my comfort zone. I try to keep my values in focus and live accordingly. Having three sons in the family provides constant tests of patience and creative conflict resolution. Frank exchanges and good conversations fill me with energy and a sense of purpose. Being able to work professionally with the development of companies and individuals both delights and motivates me.

Traveling (sun, sea, snow, cities…) with family and friends, immersing myself in professional/literature articles, physical exercise, yoga and the occasional marathon. I enjoy eating and making good food. Additionally, I have a nerdy interest in how the content and source of food affects our mental and physical wellbeing.