Talent Management

Leadership is essentially based on relationships. And usually, even a leader has a boss.

For example, a CEO is typically accountable to a board of directors. In practice, anyone who has a leadership assignment must work well with both the board and his or her management team.

Many of our assignments can be included in the concept, Leadership Assessment. How can boards, management groups and different constellations of people work together optimally? Through Leadership Assessments, team analyses and selection processes we make an analysis, identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest measures that can improve leadership.

In doing this, we employ a large number of test methods, approved and published by cut-e or Assessio. The methods focus on everything from logical-analytical abilities to personal qualities and values. In the test procedure, we connect in-depth interviews that focus on the prospective candidate’s background, current situation, future plans and development opportunities. Feedback is always given to each prospective candidate.

An analysis of an organization’s entire leadership practice and potential leadership ability is sometimes challenging, but this is always an investment that is of major importance.

We have a licensed psychologist in our organization who is overall responsible for our work with Leadership Assessment.