ESK standards

The standards of good professional conduct adopted by the Swedish Association of Executive Search Consultants, ESK, are reprinted here.

The ethical awareness of an individual consultant coupled with a sense of responsibility and competence are of paramount importance for the professional execution of an assignment and for relations between clients and candidates.

This Professional Code of Ethics for ESK forms the basis of the principles, which our members agree to abide by in the execution of their work.

Standards for good professional ethics

  1. Every individual has the right to the respect and protection of his or her integrity. In the execution of his professional duties, the consultant shall safeguard this integrity.
  2. The consultant undertakes to treat all information which comes to his attention in connection with an assignment as strictly confidential. This applies equally to employees of the consultant or those working on behalf of the consultant.
  3. The consultant is responsible for executing the assignment in a professional manner until the assignment is completed.
  4. The consultant shall, in advance, state the working methods to be used, financial terms as well as other terms of the assignment.
  5. The consultant may only undertake an assignment on behalf of an employer (company, organization or the like), and the consultant may not accept any form of remuneration from potential candidates (i.e. Outplacement).
  6. The consultant must carry out the assignment beginning with a thorough analysis of the client’s situation regarding finance, organization, business idea etc. This work, combined with an in-depth analysis of the particular position in question, shall result in a search profile with which the client agrees.
  7. The consultant is responsible for presenting potential candidates with a picture of the client company and the position in question which are as factual, balanced and objective as possible.
  8. The consultant must personally have interviewed, briefed, and evaluated candidates that are introduced to the client for the particular position in question. The consultant must not partake in any form of discrimination with regards to age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  9. A. The consultant must make every effort to keep the candidate fully informed on the status of the recruitment process.

    B. The consultant may not use his or her knowledge with regards to current or previous clients when conducting a search assignment for another client. The extent of the off-limit regulations must be carefully stated in the contract for each search assignment.

Adopted by the Committee’s annual general meeting April 11, 2011