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Sometimes you need to stop and get some perspectives on life. To look into the future through the window of a car wreck makes you both dreamy and melancholic.

We believe we have a profession that requires that we are always a step ahead. Understanding the market, our clients needs, (sometimes even before they know). It is important to keep an open mind and to actively incorporate creativity in what we do. One way for us to find inspiration and new ideas is to engage in art.

For two years we have been collaborating on a project called Cars. We have visited car graveyards around Sweden because we have an interest in old cars and their decay.

On Feb. 7 and 8th we had an open house to celebrate our new office on Tullgränd 4.

cars-460 Baby-you-are-drifting-again his-favorite-hood loaded-with-dreams wiggle

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Professionalism is for a recruiter to live in tune with the times and understand its people.

Titti Hammarling are Göran Arvidson are sharing experiences and reflexions on recruitment.

How can we all - employers, recruitment consultants and candidates - do better? What does it take to get the right person for the task? All parties would benefit if the discussion was wider and deeper!"

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